Inform Newsletter Spring Summer 2015

Inform April 2015 Welcome toFermanagh&Omagh District Council’sNewsletter. From01April 2015, Fermanagh andOmaghDistrict Council will become fully operational and both FermanaghDistrict Council andOmaghDistrict Council will no longer exist. This change has been introduced through the Local Government ReformProgrammewhichwill see the existing 26District Councils replaced by 11 new, larger Councils. In addition to continuing to deliver existing council services, your newcouncil will manage a new range of responsibilities and powers, as some functions transfer fromcentral government to local government. These include Planning, Local Economic and TourismDevelopment, Off-Street Parking andmanagement of water recreational sites. Fermanagh andOmaghDistrict Council will also have a greater role in guiding the future development of the district through leading a Community Planning process. The Council will work in partnershipwith other public service providers and agencies, as well as the community, voluntary and business sectors, to respond to local needs and to deliver on an agreed long-termvision for our area. As a result of these reforms, Fermanagh andOmaghDistrict Council will be stronger, more efficient andwill deliver more effective services to residents and service users. Pictured at the first meeting of Fermanagh andOmaghDistrict Council on 04 June 2014 are the 40Councillors who serve on Fermanagh andOmaghDistrict Council. Inside this issue Welcome 01-02 Procurement 01-02 Council Expenditure 03 Community Planning 03 Functions &Services 04 Your Rates 04 TheNewDistrict 05 Key Facilities 06 Events in theDistrict 07 Off Street Car Parking 08 Contacting the Council 09 Arts 10 Councillors 11-12 Planning 13 District Development 13-14 Blue BinCalendar 15